What is living water?

Living water is natural water. In natural water the information contents of the cluster structures are in such a way that is especially supporting for the health and vitality of humans, animals and plants (e.g. high quality spring water with a hexagonal pattern of the water crystals). Natural and clean water passes on its information content when drinking or when in contact with the skin: natural, healthy, and vital.

Römisches Vorbild

Roman Model

Insights from the ancient world

The understanding that turbulence has positive effects on the water quality is nothing really new. Already in ancient times, water pipes were profiled in order to turbulence the water upon transport and keep it thus longer fresh.

High-Tech Watercontrol

High-Tech Watercontrol

Water saves pollutant-information

Any water from the tab has a technical history. So, technically processed water can be „clean water“ after a cleansing (filtration, osmosis, etc.), in a mechanic or chemical sense, however, in general it loses its naturalness. The naturalness of water is reflected it its cluster structures and can thus be measured. After a technical cleansing it is for example recognizable that technical stress and the information „pollutants“ are still saved even that they were removed physically. Similar to homeopathy the existing substance information is absorbed by the body whilst drinking or washing.

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Effect Schauberger

Revitalisation of water

Water revitalization means that what is energetically put onto a higher level (more energy means: more natural, healthier, and more vital). Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) has very during his nature observation early recognized that water changes energetically by strong turbulence (Schauberger effekt). Today it is known that an intensive turbulence (torrent) can restructure water. In a torrent the terrestrial magnetic field is sufficient. Given structures of the water molecules (cluster) are dissolved and new structures, which ideally consist of clusters with 60°-structures. By dissolution of the saving cluster structures, information about pollution and the technical history are deleted.