Water revitalization is water purification

Our Aqua-Vitalizer devices revive water in a special way, amongst other things by an intensive turbulence of the water in the device! The knowledge that even single turbulence has positive effects on the water quality is not really new. Already in ancient times water pipes were profiled in order to turbulence the water upon transport and keep it thus longer fresh.

The principle

The operating principle and the associated natural principles. Physics and biotechnology in the service of water.

Patented double turbulence (dextrogyral)

Patented double turbulence (levorotary)

Turbulence through the Schauberger principle

  • Patented double turbulence with revitalization
  • Return to a natural, molecular resonance structure
  • Oxygen enrichment
  • Turbulence and revitalization

Schauberger Effect

Installation example

Type B

biobird ® Water revitalizer

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