The Advantages of Water Revitalization

The revitalization provides an added value; it purifies the water. The water runs through our EU-patented devices in is thereby intensively swirled, flows through a magnetized field and is in addition positively influenced by a functional fluid (without directly contacting the water). This means that the water in the device passes processes in a compact room, wherefore a torrent needs long distances.

Water revitalization ensures a better taste, digestibility and the bio-technologically properties of drinking water.

Mode of Action

our Aqua-Vitalizer devices for water revitalization

What exactly happens

Existing cluster structures are broken down and the information of pollutants in drinking water rare dissolved. The order of water molecules among each other and the creation of new clusters effects in such a way that water come very close to natural spring or ground water.

To the principle

New Understanding

What does water quality mean today?

Water is more than only a raw material for heating, cooling, washing, dish washing and drinking. In recent times, a new consciousness in the reception of drinking water has developed. The new understanding of water enlarges the quality concept for water about the common chemical requirements in what follows:



All processes in our body are transferred by chemical and electrical processes and impulses. The “conductor water” is hereby decisive.



Water is the most important element in the human body. We care more about what we eat than what we drink or what liquids appear in food.



Our world is surrounded by water, wherever we go, whatever we do. Humans are in constant touch with water.

Wirkung auf Prozesse

Effects on Processes

1. Reduction of chlorine in swimming pools and whirl pools
2. Optimization in production processes
3. Reduction of limescale in machines and pipes
4. Reduction of cleaning agents when cleaning and washing

Effects on Living Beings

1. Stimulation of the metabolism in humans, animals and plants
2. Increase in health and well-being
3. Increase in well-being when showering, bathing and swimming
4. Increase in body supply and the detoxification when drinking

Effects on Living Beings

Independent Test Report

on the action mode of the water revitalizer

A big, independent company has tested our water. Read the test report .